About Us

FLA is one of the nation’s premier public opinion research firms, with decades of experience conducting public affairs research in both the United States and abroad. FLA doesn’t just report the data: we work with our clients’ communications and marketing teams to translate these experiences into creative solutions. Being on the winning side of so many political campaigns also allows us to bring a unique perspective to our public affairs clients.
We know what it takes to win public policy debates. We know how to test public opinion to effectively refine our clients’ messages. We know how to win a battle when the other side is shooting back. Campaigns, public issue debates, and industry crises all share a common trait: they are win-or-lose in the arena of public opinion, and we own that stage.


The principals of FLA have served as pollsters for every type of campaign from mayoral to presidential. The team at FLA is experienced in managing strategic research for campaigns for elective office, public questions, grassroots lobbying, corporate imaging, market positioning, public policy debates, and crisis management.

Tony Fabrizio


Tony Fabrizio is widely recognized as an expert in public opinion and politics and one of the nation’s leading GOP pollsters and strategists. Fabrizio has served as the Chief Pollster on five Presidential campaigns, most notably President Donald Trump’s successful 2016 upset victory and his 2020 re-election campaign.

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David Lee


David Lee has worked as a public opinion researcher for 24 years and brings clients expertise in campaign polling, strategy, public affairs and corporate and crisis opinion research. Lee played a key role as one of the pollsters on Donald Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign where he worked as the lead pollster in Florida and Wisconsin.

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Travis Tunis

Senior Vice President

Travis Tunis has extensive experience in managing every aspect of the development, execution, and reporting of public opinion surveys and qualitative research projects. He provides clients with actionable recommendations needed for a winning campaign.

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John Ward

Vice President

John Ward works on every stage of the research process to ensure delivery of accurate information and data based recommendations to help clients win tough races.

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Will Fetzer

Project Director

Will Fetzer oversees projects from data collection to delivery in order to provide timely and accurate research to clients.