In this age of accelerating change and instantaneous communication, the proactive management of perceptions has never been more important. FLA is focused on adding value to our clients through the use of advanced opinion research. Our goal is to ensure that the perceptions surrounding our clients and influencing their stakeholders are consistent with reality and their desired business or political objectives. We believe this focus ensures our efforts will create measurable results regardless of the discipline applied. It is our firm belief that providing our clients with measurable business results is the only way we can ensure the success of our partnership with them. Whether we are involved in a large, long-term, multi-national campaign or conducting a single project, we proactively set out to anticipate, meet and exceed our clients’ expectations by providing the highest level of service and value possible.


FLA understands the changing nature of technology and is considered a leader of advanced research techniques. Accuracy and reliability are the hallmarks of FLA research. As our long-term clients will attest, our data collection is consistently reliable. When it comes to gathering data, the FLA project staff does not cut corners. In the 2019-2020 election cycle, FLA was on the forefront of incorporating text-to-online polling, enabling us to reach a greater number of respondents with cell phones and get a more accurate representation of the universe at large.


FLA uses a wide variety of survey research and research methods to draw the best and most relevant results for our clients.


  • Benchmark
  • Brushfire
  • Tracking
  • Post-Elect
  • Message Testing
  • Spokesperson/Message Deliverer Testing
  • Opinion Leaders
  • Targeted Universe
  • Donor
  • Customers/Members


  • Telephone Interviews (Landline and Cell)
  • Text-to-Online Interviews
  • Online Interviews
  • Mixed-Mode Surveys
  • Traditional Discussion Focus Groups
  • Perception Analyzer (Dials) Focus Groups
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Ad Testing (In Person or Online)
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDI’s)